2019 Blues Camp

  No Blues Camp this year


The Saskatoon Blues Society's Blues Camp is a positive way to inspire creative development and emotional expression for youth through musical instruction, peer collaboration and historical reflection of Blues music. Blues Camp has been nurturing musical knowledge and growth through quality instruction since 2011. This program is a mixture of hands on instruction blended with history and basic music theory for youth 12-17.

Participants will learn to play blues music on their instruments, using their voice and writing original songs. Teamwork and functional learning during breakout sessions for specific instruments help solidify new musical knowledge and skills. Instructors are local, skilled professionals or semi-professionals prepared to build basic technique for a range of blues and musical styles and encourage improvisational creativity. Emphasis will be on providing the participants skills and confidence to play music with other musicians culminating with stage times at Buds on Broadway's Saturday Afternoon Jam. Family and children are welcome and encouraged at the jams.


Blues Camp Location and Schedule will be posted at a later date.